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1904 Straits Settlement 1 Cent Coin

This coin is pretty beat up, I think it’s been polished. I’d grade it as Good 4, or maybe VG8.

The obverse shows British King Edward the Seventh in full regalia facing to the right. The legend reads “Edward VII * King & Emperor”. The king is a rather pleasant looking fellow, shown with a heavy crown and bushy mustache.

1904 Straits Settlement 1 Cent Penny Obverse

1904 Straits Settlement 1 Cent Penny Obverse

The reverse has the number 1 in a ring, with the legend “Straits Settlement * 1 Cent 1904”. It’s pretty plain and to the point.

1904 Straits Settlement 1 Cent Penny Reverse

1904 Straits Settlement 1 Cent Penny Reverse

Identification code: Straits Settlement KM-19 (1903-1908)

Date: 1904

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: 6,647,444 (click here for more mintage numbers in the series)

Country of origin: England

Composition: Bronze

Size: 29 mm

Weight: 9.3 grams

Other details: The Straits Settlement was a British colony from 1826 to 1945. It included Malacca, Penang (aka Prince of Wales Island), Labuan, and Singapore. Except for Singapore, most of its territory was incorporated into Malaysia.

In 1904 (the year this was minted, coincidentally), the Governor Sir John Anderson outlawed the use of coins from other countries within the Straits Settlement. He issued a three page special issue of the Straits Settlements Government Gazette on 24 Aug. 1904. It proclaimed “From 31 Aug. 1904, British, Mexican and Hong Kong Dollars will cease to be legal tender and will be replaced by the newly introduced Straits Settlements Dollar.”

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Estimated Value: $1-3 in this lousy condition.