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Australia Penny 1938

The Australians really like to show off native fauna on their coins. This large copper penny shows a kangaroo on the back, and maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it look like the view through a rifle scope?

Anyway, I’ll focus on the coin. On the obverse, this penny shows King George VI facing to the left. The boyish King is surrounded by the legend “GEORGIVS VI : D : G : BR : OMN : REX : F : D : IND : IMP”. The British love their abbreviation, right? Not only do they use shorthand, they also use the reduced Roman alphabet to write in Latin.  This stands for George the Sixth, Dei Gratia (by the grace of god), Britanniarum Omnium Rex (King of all the Brittons), Fidei Defensor (defender of the faith), India Imperator (Emperor of India).

On the reverse, the Australian penny shows a kangaroo bounding to the right with the legend “Australia – Penny” and the date. Not a lot of abbreviation there. There’s a 7 sided star on the bottom left of the coin, which the kangaroo is presumably about to jump over.

Australia 1938 Penny Obverse

Australia 1938 Penny Obverse

Australia 1938 Penny Reverse

Australia 1938 Penny Reverse

Identification code: KM-36

Date: 1938

Mint Mark: n/a (Melbourne)

Mintage: 5,552,000

Country of origin: Australia

Composition: Copper

Size: 30 mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: This is the first year of issue for the new pattern (1938-1948).

Estimated Value: $0.50-$.75