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Barbados 1989 $1 Coin

This $1 coin is in great shape – I’d grade it EF40 or better.

The obverse shows the coat of arms of Barbados. It shows a helmet topped with the fist of a Barbadian holding two sugar canes that are angled to resemble St. Andrew’s Cross, and the shield beneath that is supported by a dolphin fish and a pelican. On the shield are a pair flowers (the national flower, which is named the Pride of Barbados), and a single bearded fig tree. At the bottom is Barbados’ national motto (“Pride and Industry”) on a scroll. The date is written to either side of the COA, on top of tridents. The legend “Barbados” is written at the bottom, and a row of dots encircles the pattern.

On the reverse, the coin shows a flying fish jumping out of the water over the denomination “One Dollar”. It is also encircled by a row of dots.

Barbados 1989 $1 coin Obverse

Barbados 1989 $1 coin Obverse

Barbados 1989 $1 coin Reverse

Barbados 1989 $1 coin Reverse

Identification code: Barbados KM-41.2

Date: 1989

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown (but 1988 was 3,154,000)

Country of origin: Barbados

Composition: Copper Nickel

Size: 25.5 mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: This coin is minted on a 7 sided planchet. This heptagon shape is very unusual for coins, but it makes identifying the value of the coin easy for the blind.

Estimated Value: $1.50 or so