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Did you find this page from my Facebook Ad?

Yesterday, I decided to play with Facebook ads and created one for this website. If you found this site from following the Facebook ad, please let me know. I’d love to hear what motivated you to click the link.

I’m running advertisements and hoping for feedback about how the site is working on different operating systems, browsers, and screen resolutions. Oh, and I may be a bit narcissistic. It’s okay though, because narcissism isn’t a disorder anymore, right?

The first ad I created looks like this:

Facebook Ad for MyCoins.Co featuring a Medal from 1904

Facebook Ad for MyCoins.Co featuring a Medal from 1904

I was inspired to take that tone by the South Park Episode “Cartmanland”. If you don’t have half an hour to watch it, there’s an excellent Wikipedia article on Cartmanland. In the episode, Cartman inherits an amusement park and decides to keep it all to himself. He even buys TV ads to rub it in. His plan backfires because the advertising creates pent-up demand and customers line up to spoil his private wonderland. Good stuff.

I’m not really a jerk like that. I just want to show off the coins and medals that I’ve collected. Hopefully, I’ll learn some new things about my collection by putting it out in the public sphere.

On a related note – did you hear about the jerk who was abusive to his customers in order to get higher search engine rankings? Until recently, there was a flaw in Google that allowed companies to boost their rankings by generating consumer backlash. In other words, Google rewarded companies that treated their customers like trash by elevating their search results. After the NY Times ran an expose on DecorMyEyes, the flaw was supposedly fixed. So, maybe there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Anyway, welcome to MyCoins.co! I hope that you’ll take a look around and leave me some feedback about what works on the site and what doesn’t.