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1965 Argentina 5 Pesos

This coin is in great shape – I’d grade it VF30 to EF40. The reverse has some staining at around 7:00.

It’s also an unusual 12-sided shape; a dodecagon.

On the obverse, the coin shows a sailing ship – the ARA Presidente Sarmiento. It is a 19th century 3 masted barque (with coal burners for backup) shown from 1/4 off to starboard of the prow. The legend reads “Republica Argentina”.

On the reverse, the 5 peso coin shows an expanded number 5 inside of 2 olive branches, above the denomination and date.

1965 Argentina 5 Pesos Obverse

1965 Argentina 5 Pesos Obverse

1965 Argentina 5 Pesos Reverse

1965 Argentina 5 Pesos Reverse

Identification code: Argentina KM-34 (Minted from 1961-1968)

Date: 1965

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: 19,450,000

Country of origin: Argentina

Composition: Nickel Clad Steel

Size: 21 mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: The sailing ship shown on the Obverse is the Presidente Sarmiento, a military vessel named for the 7th president of Argentina (Domingo Guastino Sarmiento). The ARA Presidente Sarmiento was made in 1898 and used as a training ship in the Argentine Navy. It made annual training cruises for 37 years, including six circumnavigations of the globe. The ship’s last training cruse occurred in 1938, but it was used as a stationary training ship until 1961. She was restored to her original condition and is a floating museum near the center of downtown Buenos Aires.

The ARA Presidente Sarmiento is a very large vessel for it’s class – it is 275 feet long and has a displacement of 2750 tons.

Estimated Value: $0.50-$1