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Canada 1940 25 Cents / 1940 Canadian Quarter

This coin is in VF20 to EF40 condition (depending on how much you penalize it for some dark toning spots).

The obverse shows King George the Sixth facing to the left, bareheaded. The legend reads “Georgivs VI D : G : Rex Et Ind : Imp :” (Latin shorthand for George the 6th, Glorious Leader of the United Kingdom, Emperor of India).


Canada 1940 25 Cents (Canadian Quarter) Obverse

Canada 1940 25 Cents (Canadian Quarter) Obverse

The reverse shows an caribou facing to the left. The legend reads “Canada” followed by the date. The denomination is locked in the middle of the caribou’s antlers.

Canada 1940 25 Cents (Canadian Quarter) Reverse

Canada 1940 25 Cents (Canadian Quarter) Reverse

Identification code: Canada KM-35 (minted from 1937-1947)

Date: 1940

Mint Mark: n/a (minted at the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa)

Mintage: 9,583,650

Country of origin: Canada

Composition: 80% Silver (.1500 oz ASW)

Size: 23.88 mm

Weight: 5.8319g

Estimated Value: $5-6 with silver at ~$30/oz

1999 Aruba 25 Cents Coin

This coin is in very good shape – I’d grade it EF40 or better.

On the obverse, we find the coat of arms of Aruba. It is a quartered shield on top of a laurel wreath, with a lion sitting on its belly on top. The lion crest symbolizes power & generosity. In the four quarters of the shield (clockwise from the top left) are an aloe plant, Hooiberg hill, a cogwheel, and 2 hands shaking. Aloe is a major export of Aruba, Hooiberg Hill is a landmark that represents the rise of the island, the handshake signifies goodwill towards the rest of the world, and the cogwheel represents the industrious nature of the islands inhabitants. The COA rests on a horizontal bar, with the date to the left. The legend is suspended between two bars at the top of the coin, and reads “Aruba”.

On the reverse is a strange geometric design (light reflecting through a diamond or prism, perhaps?) with the legend “25 c”.

1999 Aruba 25 Cent Coin Obverse

1999 Aruba 25 Cent Coin Obverse

1999 Aruba 25 Cent Coin Reverse

1999 Aruba 25 Cent Coin Reverse

Identification code: Aruba KM-3

Date: 1999

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown (but others in the series were minted in 109,000 to 741,000 quantities)

Country of origin: Aruba

Composition: Nickel plated steel

Size: 20 mm

Weight: unknown

Other details:

Estimated Value: $0.25-$0.50