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Banknote from the Bank of England – One Pound from 1970-1977

I don’t know much about banknotes, but I had a chance to pick up this XXXX banknote for a song. I bought it at a “We Buy Gold” place from a fellow patron who was selling foreign silver and gold coins; the owner of the shop didn’t want the currency and let me make an offer for a dozen pieces of folding money that she had. Who knows how many hands it passed through before it got to me? I’m guessing it was saved as a souvenir by the seller’s father traveled around the world in the 1970’s.

I would grade this note in VF to EF condition.

The obverse is a lovely green on off-white pattern. It shows a young Queen Elizabeth II facing in 1/4 profile to the left. It has the legends “Bank of England” and “I promise to pay the Bearer on Demand the Sum of One Pound London For the Gov and Comp of the Bank of England”. There are what appear to be Tudor roses in the watermarks, as well as interesting spirograph patterns. The goddess Brittania is shown down and to the left of the queen’s portrait – she is holding out a sheaf of wheat and sitting with a shield at her hip emblazoned with St. George’s Cross.

Great Britain 1 Pound Note Obverse 1970-1977

Great Britain 1 Pound Note Obverse 1970-1977

On the reverse, the seal of the Bank of England (with Britannia again) is much larger and central to the pattern. A rectangle inscribed with “One Pound” overlaps the seal. There is a fair amount of white space in the upper right of the note.

Banknote - British One Pound from 1970-1977 Reverse

Banknote - British One Pound from 1970-1977 Reverse

Identification code: United Kingdom P-374g

Date: 1970-1977 (not dated, but that’s when this pattern was produced)

Printing Run/Mintage: unknown (but fairly large)

Country of origin: UK?

Size: I’m too lazy to measure right now…

Estimated Value: $4-6. It may still be valid currency in the UK (not sure about that).