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Australia Threepence 1941 Coin

This Australian threepence is in VF30-EF40 condition (in my opinion).

On the obverse, the 3p shows King George VI facing to the left. The boyish King is surrounded by the legend “GEORGIVS VI : D : G : BR : OMN : REX : F : D : IND : IMP”. The British love their abbreviation, right? This Latin inscription stands for George the Sixth, Dei Gratia (by the grace of god), Britanniarum Omnium Rex (King of all the Brittons), Fidei Defensor (defender of the faith), India Imperator (Emperor of India).

On the reverse are three stalks of wheat tied together at the stalks with a ribbon. The legend reads “Australia * Three Pence”.  The date is written around the grains, across the horizontal bar formed by the ribbon.

Australia Threepence 1941 Coin Obverse

Australia Threepence 1941 Coin Obverse

Australia Threepence 1941 Coin Reverse

Australia Threepence 1941 Coin Reverse

Identification code: KM-37

Date: 1941

Mint Mark: n/a (Melbourne)

Mintage: 7,584,000. Here’s an excellent page with mintage numbers for the whole series of 3 pence coins.

Country of origin: Australia

Composition: 92.5% silver

Size: 15 mm

Weight: 1.41g (0.0419 oz ASW)

Other details: I quite like the simplicity of the reverse design, although the lack of fine detail makes grading these coins difficult.

Estimated Value: $1.50-$2.50 in EF (with silver at ~$30/ounce)