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Chile 10 Escudos 1962 Bank Note

This Chilean banknote was a little out of my comfort zone – it probably was saved as a souvenir by a traveler to South America. I bought it at a “We Buy Gold” place from a fellow patron who was selling foreign silver and gold coins; the owner of the shop didn’t want the currency and let me make an offer for a dozen pieces of folding money that she had. I would grade this note in VF to EF condition.

Currency -Chile - 10 Escudos Obverse

Currency -Chile - 10 Escudos Obverse

The pattern is inset with the white background forming a picture frame around all the printing. On the obverse, it has the number “10” at all 4 corners, and the denomination “Diez Escudos” inside of what looks like a cabbage (but is probably some other culturally significant plant). On the right side of the note is a portrait of JM Balmaceda looking to the left in 3/4 profile.

Currency -Chile - 10 Escudos Reverse

Currency -Chile - 10 Escudos Reverse

The reverse shows some sort of militarily significant event (I presume two armies linking up to win the war of Independence) with men on horses carrying standards taking up about 2/3 of the note on the left. The legends include “Banco Central DeChile” “Eo DIEZ” and “Diez Escudos”.

Identification code: Chile P-143

Date: No Date =1962-1975

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown (but fairly large)

Country of origin: Chile?

Composition: Paper and linen (?)

Size: will measure later

Estimated Value: $0.25 according to the world currency book I found. I would expect to find it in a coin shop for less than a dollar and wouldn’t book any vacations if you’re planning to sell a note similar to this (even if you have a whole briefcase full of them).