Mexico 1910 Un Peso Coin – Caballito Peso

This coin is one of my favorite Mexican patterns – it was unfortunately short lived (only 1910-1914) and very few were produced due to the disruptions of the ongoing Mexican Revolution. On the obverse, it shows Liberty riding sidesaddle on a horse, while brandishing the torch of freedom overhead and holding a laurel branch of peace over the horses head. The sun is rising (or setting, if you’re a pessimist) behind liberty and rays of light stretch out behind her and the horse.

Mexico 1910 1 Peso Coin Obverse

Mexico 1910 1 Peso Coin Obverse

On the reverse is a more traditional Mexican pattern – an eagle battling a serpent while standing atop a prickly pear cactus. The legend reads “Estados Unidos Mexicanos”, and under the cactus is the denomination “Un Peso”.

Mexico 1910 1 Peso Coin Reverse

Mexico 1910 1 Peso Coin Reverse

Identification code: Mexico KM-453

Date: 1910 (first year of issue)

Mint Mark: M0: Mexico City

Mintage: 3,814,000

Country of origin: Mexico

Composition: 90.30% silver, 9.7% copper (0.7859 oz ASW vs the Morgan Dollar’s 0.7736 oz)

Size: 38 mm

Weight: 27.07 grams

Other details: “Caballito” means ‘Little Horse’ in Spanish.

Estimated Value: $50-80 in EF40

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