Fake American Silver Eagle

Fake American Silver Eagle

Fake American Silver Eagle courtesy of HeritageFutures on Flickr

Fake U.S. Silver Dollar

Diameter: 38.8-38.92mm (1.528–1.533inch)
thickness: 2.2-2.3mm (0.089–0.091 inches)
weigth 18g (no better accurancy as only have a gram scale)

The inscription claims that the coin contains 1 oz or fine silver (31.1g), ral weight 18g. No discernable iron content (magnet does not stick).

Item marked ‘copr’

I am using the term fake deliberately as the coin is nota replica (identical with original, but markled ‘copy’) or forgery (identical to original (unmarked and designed to defraud). This this never existed. It’s a copy of a 2002 silver dollar with a 1906 date (no silver dollars were minted that year, and the design of the period was altogether different).

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