German 3 Mark Zeppelin Commemorative Coin 1930 D

Here’s another of my coins featuring a zeppelin. The 1930 3 mark was a commemorative coin minted in Germany to celebrate the first successful circumnavigation of the globe. The first flight was made in 1929 by the Graf Zeppelin, so the coin carries both the date 1929 and 1930.

On the obverse, this coin shows a thin, cigar shaped zeppelin superimposed on the globe. The legend reads “Graf Zeppelin * Weltflug 1929“. Weltflug is pretty easy to translate – it means “world flight” but it sounds much more Teutonic and powerful in German.

On the reverse, this three mark coin shows a German eagle that looks like its pinned to a dissecting table. The legend reads “Deutsches Reich 1930 * 3 Reichsmark”.

German 3 Mark 1930 - Zeppelin Commemorative Coin : Obverse showing an airship over the world

German 3 Mark 1930 - Zeppelin Commemorative Coin : Obverse

German 3 Mark 1930 - Zeppelin Commemorative Coin : Reverse showing a Germanic Eagle

German 3 Mark 1930 - Zeppelin Commemorative Coin : Reverse

Identification code: KM-67

Date: 1930

Mint Mark: D (Munich)

Mintage: 141,000 (14% of the 1,001,000 minted at 6 different mints)

Country of origin: Germany

Composition: 50% silver

Size: 30mm

Weight: 15g (0.2411 oz ASW)

Other details: Since Germany was still recovering from a period of hyperinflation where the mark became almost worthless, this is officially a “3 reichsmark” instead of a 3 mark coin. The currency reform of 1923 was successful (it involved taking a huge loan based on privately owned factory machinery in Germany to underwrite government debt) but all of the old debts were inflated away and the hyperinflation coins and paper money were declared invalid around 1924.

New marks were called reichs marks, but the Third Reich gave that name a terrible reputation. Many collectors refer to this as a 3 mark and prefer to forget the whole Nazi business. This is notable as one of the last commemorative coins produced by the Weimar Republic.

Estimated value: $60-100

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