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A month ago, I ordered a rubber stamp from an online printer. They had a good price and the ability to submit custom graphics. So, I made the following graphic for use when I mail back unwanted junk mail:




After a few weeks, I began to wonder where my order was. So, I sent an e-mail into their customer service:

I’m checking on the status of an order I placed on 5/3 (4038531). Can I get an update or tracking info? Thanks.

In response I got the following:

Greeting George,
Due to the obscene nature of graphics, your order has been placed on hold and will be cancelled. Your funds will be refunded within 7-10 business.
Thank you,
StampXpress Customer Services

What the hell? First off, where they just planning on keeping my money if I didn’t follow up?

Secondly, that’s obscene? There’s nothing in that image that you wouldn’t see on a beach. AND, it’s a 296 x 72 pixel image… the “offensive” part is 58 x 31 pixels. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by HD porn, but I fail to see how anything that size could offend anyone.

Finally, where does a printing company get off making editorial decisions? Am I going to have to put up with waiters cancelling my order because it’s obscene to add bacon to a cheeseburger? Or will the post office refuse to deliver a letter I send with an upside down flag stamp?

I wonder if the internet can help me out here. Have you got any truly offensive graphics handy? I think StampShitspress needs an education in what obscenity really looks like.



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