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1996 Four Queens Casino $10 Silver Strike

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This token is a Silver Strike from Las Vegas. These medallic pieces were struck in proof, and were packaged in clear plastic protective capsules in roughly the same way as contemporary American Silver Eagles. They were not meant to be … Continue reading

SCRTD Los Angeles Olympic Canoeing Transit Token

This token is in pretty great shape. I’d grade it between XF45 and AU58.

Token - 1984 LA Olympic Canoeing

Token – 1984 LA Olympic Canoeing

The obverse shows a duo of racers in a canoe, holding double ended paddles. Their right arms / paddles are raised in unison, as the left side of the paddles bites into the water. Their canoe is angled both toward the viewer and away to the right, so that it (and they) are presented in 1/4 profile. The legend “CANOEING” runs from 11:00 to 3:00. The date “1984” is below a horizontal bar at 6:00.

Token - 1984 LA Olympic Canoeing Reverse

Token – 1984 LA Olympic Canoeing Reverse

On the reverse, the central motif is a pattern of 5 5-sided stars created by horizontal interference bars (the 4th star is defined by negative space) over 5 olympic rings (interlocked, left to right). From 8:00 to 4:00, the legend inside the rim reads clockwise: “Games Of The XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984”. The ‘denomination’ of “. SCRTD FARE .” runs from 7:00 to 5:00, counterclockwise.

Identification code: ???

Date: 1984

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown

Country of origin: The US, presumably

Composition: Unknown (aluminum brass, perhaps?)

Size: 32mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: There were several different varieties of these made, both in gold color and silver color. Many different Olympic events were commemorated, including: Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Canoeing, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Judo, Pentathlon, Rowing. Shooting. Soccer, Swimming, Team Handball, Tennis, Track & Field, Volleyball, Weight Lifting, Wrestling, Yachting, and the Los Angeles Olympic Entrance Gate.

I have a partial set, and will try to get more of these interesting tokens uploaded and logged here as time permits.

Estimated Value: $5 to $10 in XF-AU condition. If memory serves, I bought this as part of a large lot of tokens for around $1.25.


1950 HK508 Washington DC Sesquicentennial Medal

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This medal is one of the So-Called Dollars in my collection. It is in the mint issued packaging, but has slightly porous surfaces. I’d grade it as MS60 accordingly. The obverse shows the Statue of Armed Freedom that can be … Continue reading

Casino Estoril 25 Escudos Token

This casino token comes from Casino Estoril. It’s the largest casino in Europe, and is said to have inspired Ian Fleming to write Casino Royale. The token is for 25 Escudos, which was a face value roughly equivalent to 25 cents from the 1950’s to 1990’s, when tokens like this would have been in use for slot play.

Casino Estoril 25 Escudos

Casino Estoril 25 Escudos

The obverse and reverse are of matching design. They show a rising (or, depending on your perspective after losing a bunch of money on the tables, perhaps a setting) sun on a horizon line. 14 rays stem outward from the sun, with a gap for the le “CASINO ESTORIL”. The denomination “25” is below the horizon line, at 6:00 on the token.

Identification code: KM-??

Date: n/a

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown

Country of origin: unknown

Composition: unknown (copper nickel, at a guess)

Size: 30mm

Weight: 8.5g

Other details:

Estimated Value: $1-$5

Tazewell County Illinois 1/4 Cent Tax Token

This coin is a tax token from one of the Illinois Counties. The state issues were far more common, but Illinois & Washington State had many different county issuers.

Obverse legend reads “Redeemable in Pekin, Illinois / Association Of Commerce” in 2 concentric circles clockwise from 7:00 to 5:00. The denomination of “1/4 c” is in the center. A diamond shape is at 6:00.

Token - Tax - Tazewell County Illinois Quarter Cent 01a

Token – Tax – Tazewell County Illinois Quarter Cent 01a

The reverse has the legend “Tazewell County Token” clockwise from 7:00 to 5:00 around the same denomination. A diamond shape is at 6:00.

Token - Tax - Tazewell County Illinois Quarter Cent 02

Token – Tax – Tazewell County Illinois Quarter Cent 02

Identification code: L97 (there are L97a through L97f varieties – I don’t know what differentiates them… yet!)

Date: 1936

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown (although this is listed as a relatively common R1-R3 token)

Country of origin: United States

Composition: Copper

Size: 16.5 mm

Weight: unknown

Estimated Value: $3-15 (I found 2 that sold on eBay: an AU one that went for $8 and one in roughly the same shape as this one that sold for $16)


2003 Wildlife Refuge Centennial Duck

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This medal is part of a 4 piece set. This example is slabbed by PCGS and graded PR69DCAM. I’ve put a censorship block over the serial number on my piece, as I don’t want copies of mine flowing out of … Continue reading