Cuban 10 Centavo 1916 (Rare, Key Date)

This coin has some serious wear, but no disfiguring marks or rim dings. I’d grade it Very Fine (VF16).

On the obverse, it shows a 5 pointed star surrounded by raybursts. The legend reads (starting at 9:00 and proceeding clockwise): “Patria Y Libertad”. From 9:00 and going counterclockwise: “2.5 G. * 1916 * 900M”.

1916 Cuba 10 Centavos Obverse

1916 Cuba 10 Centavos Obverse

The reverse shows the coat of arms of Republican Cuba, topped by a liberty cap on a pole and resting on two upturned branches that form a wreath. The laurel branch on the left signifies strength and the oak branch on the right signifies victory The legend reads, from 9:00 clockwise: “Republic De Cuba” and from 9:00 CCW: “Diez Centavos”.

1916 Cuba 10 Centavos Reverse

1916 Cuba 10 Centavos Reverse

Identification code: Cuba KM-12 (1915-1949)

Date: 1916 (this is THE key date in the series)

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: 560,000 (a fraction of the other 10 centavo mintages)

Country of origin: Cuba

Composition: Coin Silver (90% pure)

Size: 17.8 mm

Weight: 2.5 grams (0.0723 oz ASW)

Other details: This coin also came from a hoard of unknown foreign coins that I found at a precious metal dealer’s shop. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to find more.

Estimated Value: $30-60 (a major premium over its melt value)

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