Engraving Portraits Can Be A Royal Pain

The coin commemorating the royal wedding coin of Kate Middleton and Prince William is stirring up controversy. Some pundits have suggested that the likeness on the coin is unflattering to the bride-to-be. Despite being approved by the Royal Couple, the critics may have a point.

What do you think? Compare the image on the coin to pictures of Kate Middleton:

Kate appears to have gained weight, while William looks older and larger than life.

The coinage of British monarchs often receives colorful nicknames, such as the Large Head George VI 1/4 rupees (minted for India from 1942-1945). Will this coin go down in history as the “Chipmunk Cheeked Kate” variety or the “Al Gore Headed William”?

One response to “Engraving Portraits Can Be A Royal Pain

  1. Pobjoy mint has (in my opinion) a much nicer looking William and Kate commemorative. It simply shows their initials intertwined over Buckingham palace: http://www.pobjoy.com/usa/section.php/1097/0

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