Brazil 5 Cruzeiros Bill from 1973

This Brazilian bank note was a little out of my comfort zone – it probably was saved as a souvenir by a traveler to South America. I bought it at a “We Buy Gold” place from a fellow patron who was selling foreign silver and gold coins; the owner of the shop didn’t want the currency and let me make an offer for it. I would grade this note in VF to EF condition.

Currency Note - Brazil - 5 Cruzeiros Reverse

Currency Note - Brazil - 5 Cruzeiros Reverse

The 5 Crezueiro bill is a light blue color with darker shades of blue on it. It is bisected by a horizontal stripe of blue plus a white stripe about 20% indented from the left. On the left, it has a weird fractal (like a drunken slinky) around the number 5, then the next 20% is the white vertical bar with a watermarked 5. At the center of the note is the denomination “Cinco Cruzeiros”, followed by a half dollar sized portrait of someone in a very uncomfortable and military looking high collar. He is facing 1/4 in profile to the left, which makes it look like he’s looking over my shoulder at something… (after a quick check over my shoulder, I am less concerned about axe murderer’s lurking in my office).

Currency Note - Brazil - 5 Cruzeiros Obverse

Currency Note - Brazil - 5 Cruzeiros Obverse

The reverse is also divided by blue and white bars. This time, the vertical bar is to the right of center (it runs from ~60-80%). The oval inset is on the left and shows a plaza filled with soldiers.  The legend reads “Banco Central Do Brasil” and the denomination is still “Cinco Cruzeiros”.
Identification code: Brazil 192b

Date: 1973

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown (but fairly large)

Country of origin: Brazil?

Composition: Paper and linen, I presume

Size: I don’t have a ruler handy, but may go back and measure this later.

Estimated Value: I think the book is a bit harsh, but it says this is worth about it’s value in paper ($0.25). I would expect to pay under a dollar to find a similar note in a coin shop.

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