Australia 1917 Sixpence Coin 6d

This coin has seen better days (better decades, come to that). I would grade it in Good to Very Good shape (VG8 at a guess).

On the obverse, the silver 6d has a leftward facing bust of George the Fifth of England. He is shown wearing a crown and regalia that must weigh a ton. The portrait was engraved by Bertram Mackennal.

The legend reads “GEORGIVS V : D : G : BR : OMN : REX F : D : IND : IMP”. The British love their abbreviation, right? Note that some of the letters we would normally use are replaced with others – ie; V instead of U because the Roman alphabet did not have those letters. This stands for George the 5th, Dei Gratia (by the grace of god), Britanniarum Omnium Rex (King of all the Brittons), Fidei Defensor (defender of the faith), India Imperator (Emperor of India).

Australia Silver 6 Pence 1917 Obverse

Australia Silver 6 Pence 1917 Obverse

The reverse was designed by W. H. J. Blakemore; it shows the Australian coat of arms. This is a shield flanked by a Kangaroo on the left and an Emu on the right, with a scroll below. The shield has six inescutcheons representing the Australian states of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, and South Australia. Ontop of the shield is a royal crown with six sided stars to either side. . The scroll reads “Advance Australia”. The legend on the coin reads “SIXPENCE” with the date below the crest, and the mint mark just above.

Australia Silver 6 Pence 1917 Reverse

Australia Silver 6 Pence 1917 Reverse

Identification code: Australia KM-25 (1911-1936)

Date: 1917

Mint Mark: M (Melbourne)

Mintage: 1,632,000 (semi-key, but not ridiculously rare)

Country of origin: Australia

Composition: Sterling Silver (92.5% pure)

Size: 19mm

Weight: 2.82 grams (0.0838 troy ounce ASW)

Other details: This coin came from a hoard that I bought at a Precious Metal’s dealer. It had spent hte last 10 years or so sitting around with tourist pocket pocket change, old tax tokens, medals, and other forgotten treasures.

Estimated Value: $8-12 with silver at ~$33/oz (it has a premium over melt value due to the scarce date)

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