Aruba 1991 50 Cent Piece

This coin is in EF40 – EF45 condition (it is almost AU, but the material is very resistant to wear, so I choose to grade it a bit harshly).

On the obverse, we find the coat of arms of Aruba. It is a quartered shield on top of a laurel wreath, with a lion sitting on its belly on top. The lion crest symbolizes power & generosity. In the four quarters of the shield (clockwise from the top left) are an aloe plant, Hooiberg hill, a cogwheel, and 2 hands shaking. Aloe is a major export of Aruba, Hooiberg Hill is a landmark that represents the rise of the island, the handshake signifies goodwill towards the rest of the world, and the cogwheel represents the industrious nature of the islands inhabitants. The C.O.A. rests on a horizontal bar, with the date to the left. The legend is suspended between two bars at the top of the coin, and reads “Aruba”.

On the reverse is a strange geometric design (light reflecting through a diamond or prism, perhaps?) with the legend “50 c”.

Aruba 1991 50 Cents Obverse

Aruba 1991 50 Cents Obverse
Aruba 1991 50 Cents Reverse

Aruba 1991 50 Cents Reverse

Identification code: Aruba KM-4

Date: 1991

Mint Mark: n/a (Utrecht)

Mintage: 311,000

Country of origin: Netherlands

Composition: Nickel Bonded Steel

Size: 20 mm wide, 20 mm tall, 25 mm diagonal

Weight: unknown

Other details: You may note that this coin is square. It isn’t clipped or reshaped in any way – this was how it was made. The corners are rounded (to reduce snagging on pants pockets or cutting your fingers), so the diagonal measure is not that of a perfect square.

Estimated Value: $0.50-$1 in EF

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