Argentina 5 Centavos Coin 1943

This coin is a nice golden color, and I would grade it EF40.

On the obverse, it shows a slightly pudgy Liberty facing to the right, wearing a liberty cap and with an olive branch behind her head. The legend reads “Libertad” and the date is at 6:00.

On the reverse, there are 3 panels arranged horizontally. The left panel shows a sheath of wheat, the middle shows a large number 5, and the right shows a cows head. The legend at top reads “Republica Argentina” and the denomination is at the bottom of the coin: “Cenatvos”.

Argentina 5 Centavos 1943 Obverse

Argentina 5 Centavos 1943 Obverse

Argentina 5 Centavos 1943 Reverse

Argentina 5 Centavos 1943 Reverse

Identification code: Argentina KM-15

Date: 1943

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: 15,778,000

Country of origin: Argentina?

Composition: Aluminum Bronze (AlCu with some other impurities thrown in)

Size: 18 mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: While researching the composition material, I came across an interesting post about problems with Aluminum Bronze in engineering applications. It makes for interesting reading, although it has almost nothing to do with this coin.

Estimated Value: $0.50-$1 in EF40

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  1. Karen manfredi


    I have this coin.

    how mutch does it cost?



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