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MyCoins.co is a hobby project that I’m doing to inventory my coin collection and learn a few SEO tricks with the newest version of WordPress.

On this site, you’ll find an ever growing list of the coins that I own, along with all the information about them that I can think of. This will include scans of the coins (or photographs – I’m still trying to decide which comes out better), mintage numbers, composition details, and identifying marks, as well as some of my dry observations about the societies that created the coins or observations about what motivated me to buy them.

So, please look around, make yourself comfortable, and let me know if you have any suggestions about how to improve the site!

10 responses to “About MyCoins.co

  1. I have the J Edgar Hoover, James Monroe, John Adams, John Quincy Adams.

  2. Debra Morth

    I have a 1953 North American Aviation, Inc. 25th Anniversary Token. Do you give values?
    Do you purchase? How do I sell?
    Thank you so much,
    Debra Morth

  3. That sounds like HK 743, the 25th Anniversary of N. American Aviation medal. There are 3 varieties:
    HK-743 Aluminum. 38mm.
    HK-743a Copper.
    HK-744 Aluminum. 38mm. (This one has a type II pattern, as described below):

    Obverse and reverse identical with above, except one side has a large counterstamped number 2.

    Do you have pictures of your medal? The value depends a lot on the condition that it is in.

  4. marc osterweil

    I noticed on the internet that you had a 1971 silver coin with my parents names: Mae and Jack Osterweil. IT was a souvenir coin they made; does it have any value?

  5. Well, the medal I have is marked as silver, so I’m assuming that it is worth at least melt value. I’d love to hear more of the story about why they made these souvenirs. Was it to celebrate a wedding anniversary? A birth in the family? Or was it a way to invest a windfall into silver?

  6. james flanagan

    Hi, what is the value of Paul Revere’s midnight ride medal in bronze? I have number 703.

  7. I have what I think is a token. It is 7/8’s of an inch in diameter. On one side it shows in relief Paul Revere on a galloping horse and is inscribed “Paul Revere’s Ride 1775”. The other side is inscribed “Faneuil Hall” and shows in relief that stately building. There are no other markings on the piece.
    I have shown it to a number of local coin dealers but none could offer me any information about it and showed little interest.
    I suspect there were hundreds of these sorts of things issued over the years but perhaps you know something about this one.

  8. I don’t know that one off of the top of my head, but if you send me a photo I’d be happy to check my reference books.

  9. Do you need any pictures of a New Orleans planters bank counter stamped piece of eight- I have one and they are very hard to research 1811-12 war emergency quarters
    Also a New Orleans reunion united confederate veterans medal may 1903 Robert e lee front and crossed rebel flags on back

  10. I generally just put up pages for the coins, medals, and tokens that I own. But, I’ve got a huge library of resources on tokens and medals – if you want to shoot me photos of yours I’ll be happy to help. I like a numismatic mystery!

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