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Optimized websites have an index page to streamline searches, so why don’t web writers index themselves? I’ve gathered together several of my online breadcrumbs in one place to simplify finding out who I am and how I think.

George Morris

Portfolio for George Morris on

DFW Adventure Events – A calendar of the Rec Center classes I’m teaching

—–How to Sue Telemarketers using the TCPA law

—–Selling on

—–Selling Books on

—–Investing in Precious Metals

The North Texas Environmental Meetup – a green group that I help organize in the Metroplex.

The Metroplex Financial Literacy Meetup– an investing & personal finance Meetup that I organize. We meet in Dallas & Fort Worth on alternating months.

My Flickr Photostream

Twitter Profile for George Morris

My Blog – Not updated very often, but it’s mine.

Google Profile Page for George Morris

Facebook Page for George Morris

MySpace Page for George Morris – Does anyone still use MySpace? Or have the tumbleweeds taken over? – a project I’m working on to catalog my coin collection (& an SEO sandbox)

The Dallas Coin Club – I’m webmaster for the site, and would appreciate your feedback

Practical Environmentalist – a site that I sometimes contribute to.

My P2P lending activity with

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