Casino Estoril 25 Escudos Token

This casino token comes from Casino Estoril. It’s the largest casino in Europe, and is said to have inspired Ian Fleming to write Casino Royale. The token is for 25 Escudos, which was a face value roughly equivalent to 25 cents from the 1950’s to 1990’s, when tokens like this would have been in use for slot play.

Casino Estoril 25 Escudos

Casino Estoril 25 Escudos

The obverse and reverse are of matching design. They show a rising (or, depending on your perspective after losing a bunch of money on the tables, perhaps a setting) sun on a horizon line. 14 rays stem outward from the sun, with a gap for the le “CASINO ESTORIL”. The denomination “25” is below the horizon line, at 6:00 on the token.

Identification code: KM-??

Date: n/a

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown

Country of origin: unknown

Composition: unknown (copper nickel, at a guess)

Size: 30mm

Weight: 8.5g

Other details:

Estimated Value: $1-$5

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