1996 Four Queens Casino $10 Silver Strike

This token is a Silver Strike from Las Vegas. These medallic pieces were struck in proof, and were packaged in clear plastic protective capsules in roughly the same way as contemporary American Silver Eagles. They were not meant to be fed into slot machines, but instead are stylized versions of Casino Chips with elements of slot machine slugs. During my one and only trip to Vegas (in 2001), they were available as jackpot prizes on one-armed bandits in about 80% of the casinos I visited. I understand that as silver prices have roller coasted around, their availability has ebbed and flowed, as has their silver content (many are now only silver plated). I’d grade this to be in PF62 – PF64.

Like most silver strike casino medals, this $10 token from Four Queens Casino is bi-metallic; it has a 99.9% silver core encased in a ring of gold plated base metal. On the obverse, the legend runs around the rim clockwise from 9:00 to 4:00 and reads “LIMITED EDITION TEN DOLLAR GAMING TOKEN”. CCW from 7:00 to 5:00, it reads “oo FOUR QUEENS oo”. The inner ring shows 4 playing cards stacked on-top of each-other from left to right; the bottom-most card is the Queen of Spades, then the Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Clubs, and then the Queen of Diamonds.

Token - Silver Strike - 2002 Four Queens Obverse

Token – Silver Strike – 2002 Four Queens Obverse

On the reverse, the legend reads “LIMITED EDITION TEN DOLLAR GAMING TOKEN” & “oo .999 FINE SILVER oo”. The central image is the 4 Queens Casino, with the marquee reading “Four Queens / 4 Queens / Four Queens” and two large multi-story buildings visible on either side. Under the architecture are the words:
“Hotel / Casino
On Freemont Street®
Las Vegas, NV

Token - Silver Strike - 2002 Four Queens Reverse

Token – Silver Strike – 2002 Four Queens Reverse

Identification code: SSC#: FQlvnv-004

Date: 1996

Mint Mark: GD/C (Green Duck Corporation)

Mintage: unknown (but moderately large – this is a fairly common SS; I would estimate mintage between 5,000-20,000)

Country of origin: USA

Composition: 99.9% silver inner ring; outer ring is 24k gold plated copper-nickel

Size: 38 mm

Weight: Approximate Silver weight is 0.60 troy ounces of Silver. 

Other details: Around 2005, some casinos debased their silver strikes by using thinner center inserts with less silver (about half an oz ASW). In 2009 CLAD $10 strikes (that is, they had no 0.999 silver, just silver plated centers) appeared.

Red capsule silver strikes tend to be lower mintage examples, but can also contain thin or clad silver cores.

Estimated Value: $15 with silver at ~$19/oz

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