1943 Australia Half Penny

Like Kangaroos? Australian coppers are inexpensive and readily available coins that feature a bounding ‘roo. Just out of curiosity – is there a word for Kangaroo meat? You know – like how a cow has beef, a pig has pork, and a chicken has, um, chicken?

Anyway, back to the coin. On the obverse, this half penny shows King George VI facing to the left. The boyish King is surrounded by the legend “GEORGIVS VI : D : G : BR : OMN : REX : F : D : IND : IMP”. The British love their abbreviation, right? Not only do they use shorthand, they also use the reduced Roman alphabet to write in Latin.  This stands for George the Sixth, Dei Gratia (by the grace of god), Britanniarum Omnium Rex (King of all the Brittons), Fidei Defensor (defender of the faith), India Imperator (Emperor of India).

On the reverse, the Australian half-penny shows a kangaroo bounding to the right with the legend “Australia – Half Penny” and the date. Not a lot of abbreviation there.

Australian 1943 Half Penny : Obverse

Australian 1943 Half Penny : Obverse

Australian 1943 Half Penny : Reverse

Australian 1943 Half Penny : Reverse

Identification code: KM-41

Date: 1943

Mint Mark: (m): Melbourne (No mintmark = Melbourne, a dot after the date would indicate Perth, a dot after the date with a line below the dot would indicate Bombay)

Mintage: 33,989,000 (roughly 84% of those minted in 1943)

Country of origin: Australia

Composition: Copper

Size: 25mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: You might notice that this coin is a bit obscured by the coin flip it’s in. With world coins, it’s a bit tricky storing them in 2×2 flips designed for American coins, so this wasn’t quite a perfect fit.

Estimated value: $0.30-$0.50 in VF-XF condition

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  1. Hi I’m not sure if this is the right coin,


  2. Sounds like you have a South African half penny there. Very similar obverse design though.

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