1893 Mexico 5 Centavos CaM Mint Silver Coin

This coin has surprising areas of detail, but is well circulated. I’d grade it between a very good and fine (VG8 & F12).

The obverse shows a Mexican eagle chowing down on a serpent while standing on a cactus with it’s wings spread under the legend “Republica Mexicana”. The date is at the base of the cactus at 6:00.

Coin - Mexico - 5 Centavos 1893 CaM

Coin – Mexico – 5 Centavos 1893 CaM

On the reverse, a wreath circles from 10:00 to 2:00. Inside the wreath is the denomination: “5 Centavos” (Centavos follows the circle of the wreath and wraps around the lower loop of the 5). The mint mark is at 2:00 (C^AM. or CaM) followed by the stated silver purity: “902.7”.

Coin - Mexico - 5 Centavos 1893 CaM

Coin – Mexico – 5 Centavos 1893 CaM

Identification code: KM-398

Date: 1893

Mint Mark: CaM (Chihuahua)

Mintage: 133,020 (possibly in error: not listed in several catalogs, and that’s the number listed for Mexico city that year in those references)

Country of origin: Mexico

Composition: 90.27% Silver

Size: 14mm

Weight: 1.4g

Other details: For some reason, several different catalogs do not list any mintage at the Chihuahua mint in1893. The one that I did find lists the same mintage as the Mexico City mint, which seems very suspect.

Estimated Value: $5 with silver at ~$24/oz

Coin - Mexico - 5 Centavos 1893 CaM

Coin – Mexico – 5 Centavos 1893 CaM

3 responses to “1893 Mexico 5 Centavos CaM Mint Silver Coin

  1. Dennis M Sullivan

    The eagle’s eye often appears unique, striking.

  2. Charles Martell

    Hello — Your inventory of Great American Triumphs was very helpful to me and illustrative. My set of 59 is numbered 410 and there are coins in it that are not on your inventory: (1) 1776 Washington Crossing the Delaware, (2) 1827 James Audubon, not 1785-1851 James Audubon, (3) 1867 Purchase of Alaska, (4) 1879 Light Bulb T. A. Edison, (5) 1945 Iwo Jima, (6) 1944 Prelude to Victory, and (7) 1969 Man’s First Walk on the Moon.
    This makes me wonder what is a complete set. I plan to sell my set on eBay
    and say complete, which I believe it is; however, with more than 60 around it makes one wonder. Any advice on selling? Charlie Martell

  3. That sounds about right. I know I’m missing a few pieces, as I’ve bought mine piecemeal. It seems that selling the set as complete should bring a larger sum, but breaking it apart will probably result in quicker sales. Good luck!

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