1853 British Penny from the United Kingdom

This coin is in great shape – even though the scan doesn’t show it very well, there are traces of red mint luster in the fields.

On the obverse, there’s a young portrait of Queen Victoria facing to the left. The legend reads “Victoria Dei Gratia”.

On the reverse, the allegorical figure Brittania is shown holding a trident while sitting against a shield with the Saint George Cross on it. Below her, a long stemmed rose lays on its side. The legend reads “Brittania : Reg Fid : DEF :”.

1853 United Kingdom Penny Obverse

1853 United Kingdom Penny Obverse

1853 United Kingdom Penny Reverse

1853 United Kingdom Penny Reverse

Identification code: Great Britain KM-739

Date: 1853

Mint Mark: n/a – but (I think) this is a Type C date

Mintage: unknown (but fairly large)

Country of origin: England

Composition: Copper

Size: 34 mm

Weight: 18.8 grams

Other details: There were several varieties and types of errors that occur at the queen’s pony tail. This coin seems to be a Tie ribbon (Type3). I’ll try to post better pictures once I get the hang of photographing through a loupe.

As for identified varieties, this coin has the following going on. It has an ornamental trident, a colon after REG, and a far colon after FID. So, it is a Type 3 or an 1853:co.

Estimated Value: $50-70 (possibly more if it is the variety/error that I suspect). A hair ribbon variety sold on eBay for $516.25 in January of 2011.

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