1788 Conder Token Anglesey Mines Penny with Druid

This coin is in circulated but decent condition. I’d grade it F-12.

On the obverse, it shows the bust of a druid draped in a cowl and facing to the left. A wreath of oak leaves with acorns surrounds him, with a small opening at 12:00 and a bow at 6:00.

On the reverse, the coin shows the coat of arms for the Parys Mine Company (a monogram of the letters PMC). The legend reads “We Promise To Pay The Bearer One Penny” with the date inside the legend at 12:00.

Conder Token : 1788 Druid Penny Obverse

Conder Token : 1788 Druid Penny Obverse

Conder Token : 1788 Druid Penny Reverse

Conder Token : 1788 Druid Penny Reverse

Identification code: D&H Anglesey No:

Date: 1788

Mint Mark: n/a

Mintage: unknown (but fairly large)

Country of origin: England

Composition: Copper

Size: 34 mm

Weight: unknown

Other details: Conder tokens are also known as 18th Century Provincial Tokens in the United Kingdom, and are named after James Conder. Mr. Conder collected copper and bronze small denomination coins in the early 19th century when many of these circulated as advertising tokens for British firms. He published one of the first catalogs of these coins.

After his death, a hoard of Roman coins was found under James Conders door. There’s irony for you!

Conder Tokens circulated mostly in the countryside due to coin hoarding in the big cities. The British Royal Mint stopped minted copper coins in 1775, which caused major coin shortages in small towns and led to private minting. Regal coinage began again in 1797, and only a few Conder tokens were minted after that (either backdated or dateless).

This is one of the first Conder tokens I bought – I purchased it along with a 1791 halfpenny and a 1788 halfpenny.

Estimated Value: $10-20 in F12 condition.

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  1. james atkinson

    i have one of the conder tokens dated 1788. i would love to know more about such coins

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